The leading distributors of medical goods in Ukraine, such as «Iridium», «Optimatrading», and others, work under the COR-Medical trademark. The latter not only sells modern devices, but also regularly ensures that they function properly and consistently!

Optimatrading is an official service center from the world's leading companies – Terumo BCT and Macopharma and also offers official maintenance services for Medtronic electrosurgical equipment.

Our team includes certified engineers who have been trained on manufacturer territory. These employees provide services in accordance with regulations based on manufacturing company standards! They have specialized service equipment and are always ready to assist customers with device problems.

Our engineers' activities are as follows:

Device maintenance is scheduled every six months (after each scheduled maintenance, we report to the manufacturing company)

Urgent service – in case of emergency

Installation and launch of new equipment, as well as new employee training

  • time!

  • "Optimatrading" engineers work all over Ukraine!

For purchasing product, please call 0800402400 or use the contact form