About us

COR-Medical – is a trademark under which the leading distributors of medical goods in Ukraine work such as «Iridium», «Optimatrading» ets. Each of these companies specializes in supplying a certain type of modern medical equipment, instruments, implants, suture materials and other medical products from world-class giants.

13 years COR-Medical distributors have been maintaining a reputation as reliable and progressive partners, offering only proven and reliable innovative products in the field of healthcare!

We distribute products in all territory of Ukraine that save, prolong and improve life. The full range of products you can find in Product section.

COR-Medical distributors have the highest quality management standards in the field of medical devices, as evidenced by ISO 13485: 2016 international quality certificates.

COR-Medical Goal

  • Healthy Ukrainians.

    We work so that doctors can provide Ukrainians with the necessary medical care in a timely manner using reliable equipment and modern products.

  • Medical Innovations.

    Our team follows the development of technologies in medicine and promptly imports new products and distributes them on the Ukrainian market.

  • Doctors` comfortable work.

    Our managers work individually with each doctor to provide them with all the necessary equipment for productive work. Together with our partners, we provide training for medical staff so that they are aware of all the latest news in the industry and can implement them in their practice.

  • Efficiency.

    We focus on minimally invasive interventions, that is, our portfolio has a wide range of products, with the help of which operations are carried out for patients with minimal trauma, and rehabilitation takes place as soon as possible.

Manufacturing partners

Global manufacturers of medical devices and consumables entrust the distribution and sale of their products to us in Ukraine.

In particular, we cooperate with the following companies:

COR-Medical Team

Only professional, reliable, modern and caring people work in our team. Each of us understands that our common work affects the chances of millions of patients to get rid of a particular disease, so we work as clearly and responsibly as possible.

Honesty, efficiency and mutual assistance are our main principles. We care about our customers and are always open for communication. You can ask any questions about products here.

COR-Medical Values

  • Promoting the development of progressive medicine in Ukraine

  • Caring for the health of customers as if it were your own

  • Attitude towards customers with the utmost respect and understanding

COR-Medical Success

  • 100% coverage on Ukrainian territory

  • Impeccable reputation among global suppliers

  • High level of trust from doctors