• The innovative COR-Medical trademark storage is located in Kyiv at 12 Antona Tsedika Street.

  • There are more than 250 thousand items of medical products at our storage. It makes around 120 thousand units.

  • Storage area is 450 m².

Every week we receive deliveries of goods from our manufacturing partners to replenish the range. This happens exclusively on customs declarations. We carefully check the quality and quantity of the goods, place them on the shelves of the address storage. Each unit of goods is identified in our accounting database, where not only its name is stored, but also an individual serial number and expiration date.

Goods are issued in the accounting database by order of the sales manager according to the following algorithm:

  • the storekeeper sees sequentially unprocessed requests for ordering certain goods (with delivery address added);

  • prints and selects the goods according to the specified quantity and expiration date of the products;

  • scans the product; the base in parallel checks for correctness that excludes an error at receipt of the goods;

  • packs the goods and hands them over to the courier who delivers them to their destination.

Product storage conditions comply with ISO standards. Our storage is equipped with air conditioners that provide the optimal temperature for storing goods: in summer - 25 °C, in winter - at least 15 °C. Goods that require special storage conditions are stored in refrigerators.

The storage handles up to 80 orders daily.

For purchasing products, please call 0800402400 or use the contact form